In this post I will show you 10 tips how to be more productive with CheckLister App.

  1. Organize your work to projects, checklist groups and checklists.
  2. Projects can contain checklist groups and checklist groups can contain checklists. But don’t forget, you can create checklist in project – on the same level as checklist group.
  3. You can create tags and use them to tag everything (projects, groups, checklists, tasks, links, notes, etc.).
  4. Do you need to assign some tasks to somebody else? No problem! You can share your project, group or checklist with other users (with no limit).
  5. You can comment on all the basic elements of the application in the same way as for tags. So you can have all the communication in one relevant place.
  6. If you want to be notified other than by e-mail, then you can set the notification channel in the application settings (for example, Slack, Telegram, …).
  7. Don’t forget to archive items that are no longer used. They will not bother you in the basic structure of the application.
  8. If you have sensitive data in the application, then you can set up two-factor authentication.
  9. If you work with tasks that have a deadline and you have set a due date for these tasks, then you will clearly see these tasks in the calendar.
  10. You can set the appearance / background in the application settings.