To be more productive and easier for your work, the application contains useful features.

Clear categorization of items

Divide your tasks into projects, checklist groups and checklists. In addition, you can divide the tasks into better manageable steps (subtasks).


Share your project / group of checklists / checklists with your colleagues, classmates or family. Work on tasks together.



You can comment on all your items, and if the item is shared with multiple people, you can use comments instead of emails and places all communication in the right place.

Tag System

You can tag everything according to your needs. After that, you won’t have a problem finding all the related items.



In addition to tasks, you can also create notes. You can, but don’t have to, pin them down to anything – from projects to subtasks


Like notes, you can create links – you can also pin them to anything.


Keep track of your tasks / completion dates. Thanks to the calendar, you will no longer have a problem managing tasks on time.úkoly v požadovaných termínech.



The application will notify you in case of events. You can set whether notifications will be sent to your e-mail, or to Slack or Telegram.

Change the appearance

You can customize the application – you can choose a template predefined by us, or you can upload your own (for example, your favorite image).


You can archive completed items to have a better view of the active items. They will not confuse you in the basic structure of the application.



You can also create templates in the application. With a few clicks, you have a checklist based directly on the predefined tasks from the template.


Assigning users

For tasks, you can assign people to work on a task. And thanks to the reports, you will see who is currently working on what.


Of course, you can insert different types of attachments for your tasks – from images, through pdf to various documents.

Important tasks

For tasks, you can indicate which tasks are important to you. Thanks to this, you will then see them in an overview of your important tasks.



You can set a priority for all tasks. You will easily know which tasks are more priority.


For tasks, you can assign people to track the task. In case of any change they will be notified.

Kanban (Column Layout)

You can easily view tasks in a columnar layout. Create matching columns and drag tasks as you need.

Time log

For all tasks, you can report the time you spent on the task.


In a few clicks, you set when and how the task should be repeated.

Upcoming features

Work Reports

Different views will help you better report on the work done.


Minor gamification features will be implemented in the app – for example, you will receive badges for achievements, which can increase your productivity.

New Features

The whole project is constantly expanding, so updates are often published that bring you new features.

If you miss a feature, don’t despair. Write us and after consideration it is possible that the feature will be developed.

Try It For Free!

Anyone can try the application for free at any time. By registering in the application, you will receive the Basic tariff, which is forever free. At the same time, you have the option of activating a 14-day trial version of the better tariff.

No credit card needed.