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You do not have to buy the plan immediately. You can buy individual functions. Don’t want ads in your app? You don’t have to buy a plan that doesn’t contain ads. You can easily purchase the individual functions.

Monthly Billing Yearly Billing
Projects 99,- CZK 990,- CZK
Checklist Recurrency 59,- CZK 590,- CZK
No Ads 49,- CZK 490,- CZK
Notifications via Discord 49,- CZK 490,- CZK
Custom Events in Calendar 49,- CZK 490,- CZK
Invoices – Create up to 50 companies 49,- CZK 490,- CZK
Invoices – Create up to 100 subjects 49,- CZK 490,- CZK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it paid for each user?

There is no limit in the application to the number of users with whom you share a project, a checklist group or a checklist.

Where and how can I pay?

If you want to create an order, you need to have created an account in the CheckLister application. After logging in, you will find the available plans and individual permissions in the upper right corner (on any device; in any type of application) under the menu for your user account.

What are the payment methods?

Plans and permissions can be purchased using a payment card through the secure GoPay payment gateway. During the ordering process, we will issue you a proforma and invoice.

What happens to projects if I switch to a lower plan or if I lose my project permission?

Your projects will remain with you. The only thing you will lose is the ability to create new projects.

Pavel Zaněk

Can I help you?

Don’t know what to do and need an advice? Feel free to contact me.

Try It For Free!

Anyone can try the application for free at any time. By registering in the application, you will receive the Basic tariff, which is forever free. At the same time, you have the option of activating a 14-day trial version of the better tariff.

No credit card needed.