What are the next steps?

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Looking to the future

What will happen in a few years?

2021 [Done]


Establishment of the project. Creating a ToDo list application / project manager. With the web interface, a progressive web application and a native application for smart devices with the Android operating system have been released.

January 2022 [Done]


Implementation of feedback points for easier manipulation of the application. The application will be updated both visually and functionally. If the application is fine for customers / clients, we have the application ready for any further expansion – which we rely on – we want the application to be easy to scale.

February 2022 [Done]


Creating an API with basic endpoints. This will allow you to communicate with the application in another possible way. It will be suitable for creating your own applications – both for reading data from the application and for creating / editing data.

March 2022

3rd party tools, gamification

Third-party tools are implemented in the application – whether it is other ways of notifications, but also the connection of CheckLister to other services (for example, invoicing software). In the future, we are developing a robust tool to facilitate the invoicing of reported work (along with user roles such as “accounter”).

Furthermore, elements that gamify the application will be implemented – which can increase productivity. You can already look forward to the Achievements system.

April 2022

Kanban Board Update

As column layout tasks become more popular, it will be necessary to update the current version of the Kanban Board. Now it contains everything most important. Since we have the Kanban Board ready for our own scalability solution, there is nothing stopping us from updating this functionality.

May 2022

Time tracking, work report

You can currently report time for tasks in the application, but more advanced reports are missing. These will be added together with the time measurement add-on (stopwatch). The time reports for the tasks will then be used in the integrated tool in the invoicing application.

June 2022 [Done]

Invoice management

The plan is to allow users to manage invoices in the application. You will generate an invoice from the reported work in a few clicks. The plan is to prepare the tool so that it can be used by both individuals and large companies.

July 2022

Import & Export

The features for importing and exporting items from CheckLister will be improved. For example, you can then upload tasks using Excel, export all project data and much more.



Artificial intelligence will be integrated into this application, which will ensure that your work process is as efficient as possible.

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