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Work on tasks quickly together easily

CheckLister is an application for online management of your personal and team work, projects and tasks.

Checklists can improve your productivity and efficiency not only at work but also in personal life. Usually, each of us has already worked with a to-do list, where you have marked the task as completed after completing one. For example, it can be a task list (school) or a shopping list. So it is a tool that will help you better orient yourself in your tasks and do not forget to omit an item. It also helps you save time.

The Checklister application is intended for professional and personal use. As a working tool, it is primarily used for task management, communication over tasks, more comfortable work on tasks. It will be used by small and large companies, small entrepreneurs and freelancers, organizations and companies.

Manage tasks carefree

Take advantage of features that help you improve your productivity and that try to save you valuable time.

The application offers handy and useful tools / functions such as sharing projects with users, assigning tasks, scheduling tasks, creating notifications and much more.

Useful notes, comments, notifications, priority selection, labeling system, etc., all this will allow you in our application in one place.

Clear and modern

Useful features


Free Updates

Task Management Application

Checklister has many useful features to help you save time and work much more efficiently. You will still know what, who, how and by when the assigned task has to be completed.


Everything clear, intuitive, easy. You can view the tasks in the list and column view (Kanban).

For anyone

The application will help students, families, but also companies, in short, anyone who wants to keep their tasks tidy.


In addition to the web application, you can download the application to your smart device and have it at hand at any time.


Sharing / Teams

You can easily share everything. It is suitable, for example, for students on joint tasks, for families when shopping (for example, a shared shopping list), for companies (entire teams can work on tasks).


The application will give you an overview of what to do and especially when. Thanks to the reports, you will clearly see what tasks are before or after the deadline. You can also, for example, look at time-based reports and many other reports.

Features / integration / automation

Thanks to integrated tools, features and integration, you will be able to process your tasks more comfortably. Automate your work and save time.

Who is the application for?

The checklist is also intended for personal use. For individuals, groups of friends, families, partners, associations, clubs or associations. An ideal helper for planning joint events, assigning family responsibilities, an overview of shopping lists, joint activities, trips, holiday tips, etc.

  • Students
  • Families
  • Friend Groups
  • Entrepreneurs (Freelancers)
  • Companies

Situations you may know

Forget the stress of work. Save time. Take a look at situations you may know:

  • Search for attachments in emails – You no longer have to worry about forgetting to send attachments or not finding them. Attachments will be where they are needed – for relevant tasks.
  • Finding out who has a task – Reports give you an idea of ​​who has what task they are assigned to and what they are working on.
  • Delivery of work after the deadline – Thanks to reports, you will not miss any task and you can complete it before the deadline.
  • Reminders – Set your notifications to be sent to your e-mail, Slack, or Discord or Telegram.
  • Skipping a step in the process – You can create templates for repetitive activities and use them later. You will not miss any step that you should take.

CheckLister will help you

  • perform tasks on time
  • reduce error rate / forgetfulness / skip steps
  • work on tasks collectively / in a team
  • find relevant communications and attachments immediately
  • automate processes
  • report and organize your time
  • work more efficiently

Try It For Free!

Anyone can try the application for free at any time. By registering in the application, you will receive the Basic tariff, which is forever free. At the same time, you have the option of activating a 14-day trial version of the better tariff.

No credit card needed.