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See who is behind the project

Hi, my name is Pavel Zaněk and I come from the Czech Republic. I decided to create a project manager in my free time. However, the project has grown so much that I would not be able to manage it myself. See who is behind the CheckLister application.

Pavel Zaněk

Pavel Zaněk

Founder & CEO, Lead Developer

Magda Kartáková

Magda Kartáková

Website Designer

And of course many other colleagues and friends who help me achieve my dream.

My goal

I founded this project mainly to have all my tasks in one place – clearly and without unnecessary complexity. I don’t want to compete directly with professional applications that have existed here for many years – but I still want to get closer to them. I need the ToDo list application for my work, however, I don’t want to reach for the simplest solution, which doesn’t have the functionality that I would use. On the other hand, I don’t even want to reach for a professional solution, which is not exactly the cheapest and contains functionality that I will not use in my life.

During my career, I have tried a large number of project managers, todo list of applications and various solutions for task management. And I wanted to turn this knowledge into an application where I would not solve the shortcomings, I would not have to pay a lot of money and I would especially enjoy working with the application.

I also decided to create CheckLister because I lacked an application that would combine personal life with work – the same tool for both groups. As I have already mentioned, there are solutions that are more suitable for students / families, but they are then insufficient for medium and large companies. And conversely. A professional solution for companies is not an ideal option for family use.

But now imagine that both variants are possible in one version of the application. All more advanced functions can be purchased separately, without the need to immediately buy a higher class tariff. So you can put together the application to suit your needs.

Try It For Free!

Anyone can try the application for free at any time. By registering in the application, you will receive the Basic tariff, which is forever free. At the same time, you have the option of activating a 14-day trial version of the better tariff.

No credit card needed.